Actually at Blizzcon

This is what its all about people ;o)

Collecting your tickets

You can queue up for your Blizzcon Badge/Pass on the day before (Thursday). (I’ll post times when they are confirmed but expect it to be roughly 3pm to 9pm) And when I say queue – last year we were in the queue for roughly an hour to an hour and a half for this. Last year the goody bags were also distributed at this time which was good as it meant less stuff to carry around the actual event.

If you are only arriving the day before then you can collect your ticket on either the Friday or the Saturday when you turn up.

Note the Queue to get in on the Friday was horrendous – 2 hours or so standing in a queue in the galring sunshine was not amusing.

Basically you have 3 choices

1. Turn up at 6am and be at the head of the queue and get in line near the front of any queue inside as well
2. Turn up at 10.30am and either walk straight in or have a small queue but then be faced with long queues for anything inside.
3. Turn up somewhere in the middle and queue for everything.

(apologies if the above sounds a bit negative – I am a bit cynical after last years queue-a-thon for the blizzcon store)

Things to Take to the Blizzcon event

1. ID – remember your credit card and your ID (passports are pretty much essential if you want to go drinking alcohol as you WILL be Id’d ( or carded as the Americans say) if you look aged 21 or under)
2. Print out of your ticket barcode.
3. A Small Backpack – something to put stuff in, all your freebies etc ? From the FAQ it should be smaller than 20 inches by 10 inches. Please note all bags are searched on entry to the convention centre.
4. Water Bottle – bring water its very easy to become de-hydrated in these large events and the aircon doesn’t help. Keep your water bottle sealed if you want to take one inside as security will search your bag
5. Something to do – Bring a magazine, iPod, gameboy, DS, PSP, something. Waiting in the queue for the store or other things for an hour or so gets pretty boring! Not to mention the hanging about between panels, events, etc.
6. Snacks – a few candy bars, trail mix , nuts something that won’t melt in the heat in your bag or smell bad after being in your bag for a bit. Anything to keep you going until lunch or dinner.
7. Good shoes – Wear something comfortable, you will be doing a lot of walking / standing around. It doesn’t matter what they are just make sure you know you are going to be comfortable wearing them all day.
8. Cash – Cash in small bills ( ie $1, $5, $10 etc for the vending machines, lunch etc makes getting your change easier and faster. Also bring coins if you have them as some vending machines don’t always take notes
(and vice versa – take both to cover it)
9. Pens – The blizzard store onsite has a mini flyer with the items for sale. Easier to fill this in whilst waiting in the queue rather than when you get to the front. Saves time as well!.
10. Sellotape – The blizzcon badge holders in the past have not always been the best quality, last years seemed fine to me but apparently that hasn’t always been the case.

So you are actually in Blizzcon – Congrats!


There will be one in your goody bag or availale on the day. Check this out along with the schedule and try to come up with a vague plan of what you want to do and see and when – I would keep this as a rough guide tho and be prepared to be flexible as timings at conventions often change due to unforseen circumstances.

Contests / Quests

Last year and in Paris at the WWI there were quests / contests at the event (the one in Paris was to collect different Bookmarks at certain points to exchange for a chance to win a Brady Strategy Guide). There are other sales as well – read the flyers in the goody bag early on to make sure you don’t miss out. Check both sides of flyers as well – whilst one side may only have an advert thats useful for people who live in the US, the other side may well have a special offer available on the day.
Don’t be afraid to ask at stands if they have any freebies or contests.

Blizzcon Store

Apparently this year there will be an option to buy the exclusive goodies online 48 hours before the event and have them delivered to your home address, which shoudl alleviate some of the queue’ing issues from previous years BUT I do NOT know if this service will be available to European visitors or not. I will update this when more details become available.
Unlike the WWI I went to in Paris where the store was running out of items by lunchtime on day 1 this did not happen at Blizzcon, other people were able to go to the store on day 2 and get everything they wanted (I think the only things that run out of stock were the Horde and Alliance ceramic tankards and possibly some sizes of the t-shirts by day 2. Please don;t fully quote me on that tho as I said everyone I was with got everything they wanted).

Jinx Store

Expect to queue for this – especially if they ahve the talking murlocs again :) But some good offers on t-shirts etc.

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