Local Transportation

Public Transport

Within the general Disneyland area there is a tram type service that runs regularly (Day passes are $4 and may be available from your hotel – check the website below or ask your hotel)


For the wider area there is the OCTA bus services


There is an interactive trip planner on the website if you plan on using this to get around.

Travelling from the Airport to your hotel

If your hotel does not run its own shuttle service and you are not hiring a car or attempting the public transport system (depending up arrival time here I would guess), then the best option is to book a shuttle bus. You can also obviously just get a cab but this will be more expensive.

I thoroughly recommend Super Shuttle (If available at your airport – I checked LAX and John Wayne and they both have super shuttle service – if not there are usually a list of comparable companies, my recommendation is based on personal experience as I have used them several times from different airports spread across the US)


You want to book a shared ride ( unless there are 7 of you :) as this is the cheapest option (shared rides are a common thing in America) its also MUCH cheaper to pay online in advance! (previously on a trip to Dallas for work – I paid $25 online and a woman going to the same hotel paid $50 by just getting on without pre-booking!) pre-paying will also include an amount for tipping on it – however I would still tip a couple of dollars to the driver on arrival at the hotel you can get a quote online without booking but this doesn’t include the tipping bit ( usually 15% I think for super shuttle) Last year the trip to my hotel from LAX was $16 and from John Wayne to my hotel was $10 so its fairly cheap

When you book you give them your flight number so they know about any delays etc.

WARNING – if you book a shared ride you might get a little trip round the airport whilst the driver tries to pick up other passengers – obviously it makes sense for them to have the mini-bus as full as possible – tho I have never spent more than 20 minutes hanging about in this fashion as there is an obvious trade-off between completing a journey and being ready for the next one and having a half-full bus. You might also get a mini-tour of the area depending on where people need dropped off but its all good

Driving Regulations

Valid driver’s license and liability insurance are required.
Traffic flows on the right (with driver closest to the center median).
Child seats are required for children weighing less than 60 pounds and are available with car rentals.
Most car rental establishments require drivers to be at least 25 years old.
If you are in a car with other people then look out for carshare lanes – don’t use these if you are on your own however!

Car rentals

You don’t have to rent a car – $30 a day can add up fast, especially if you dont plan on going anywhere else but the convention center / Disneyland area.

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