Before you go -

If you have used a centralised hotel booking service – confirm with the hotel directly that they have received the reservation.
Check if your hotel runs its own shuttle service to / from the airport you are landing at.

When you get there -

Hotel Taxes

As per sales tax there are various hotel taxes added to your room bill which may not be displayed – check with your hotel in advance so you know what these will be.

As a rough guide for Orange County –

Hotel Room Occupancy Tax
Anaheim: 15%
Garden Grove: 13.05%
Orange: 10.10%
Fullerton: 10%
Buena Park: 12.08%
Irvine: 10%

Tourism Tax

Anaheim Resort Tax: Varies from hotel to hotel, but usually between $0.50 – $2.00 per night.
Please call hotel for current charges.
Please note also that these taxes are cumulative. I would check these before going if they haven’t been included on your bill (if you are paying for your room in advance).
Also note that although some booking sites will include taxes on your bill these generally do not include the tourism tax and you are expected to pay this on check-in

Room Damage Deposit

Some (most) hotels will also require a damage deposit to be paid at check-in (For example the hotel I am staying at requires either a $100 cash or $50 credit card deposit at check-in).
This will be refundable at checkout. Please note that this ‘fee’ is not included in any advance bookings as far as I am aware.

Hotel Securtiy

Determine the most direct route to and from your room to the fire escapes, elevators and nearest telephone.
Use all auxiliary locking devices on doors and windows.
Use the door viewer to identify anyone requesting entry. Open the door only if you are certain the person has a legitimate reason to enter your room. If in doubt, call the front desk.
Report any lost or stolen items to the management and to the police.
Never leave money, checks, credit cards, jewelry and other valuables, extra room keys or car keys in the room. Take valuables with you or leave them in the hotel safety deposit box.

Report to the hotel management any suspicious activities in the corridors or rooms.

Remember – the only way to stop crime is to get involved in crime prevention.

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