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Currently this is just cut and pasted from my original post on the EU World of Warcraft Blizzcon forum  (well when the forum goes live ;) )

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Link to the US Blizzcon forums survival guide post –

FAQ And Survival Guide
compiled by Esteen & Redken

Original US Survival Guide compiled by Leonaidus – 4th Year of this one being posted and was a big influence on my first version a couple of years ago for this one

Tips for visitors to Blizzcon 10
Compiled from a variety of sources
by Shadowscout (Draenor EU Realms) (was Aszune in 2008)
credits to all posters on the US & EU forums who have helped by posting hints

US Dollar
When changing money remember to ask for some smaller notes (ie one dollar bills) for use for tipping etc for when you arrive at the airport / taxi hotel etc) In the UK the Post Office is usually good for this and usually has a no-commission deal for dollars its under the travel tab if people give me good links for countries other than the UK I’ll add them here.

Pacific Timezone (GMT -8 hours)

Useful Phone numbers
Emergency 24 hours ambulance, fire, police:911
Directory assistance for local numbers, dial 411. For long-distance directory assistance, dial 1 plus area code and 555-1212. For assistance with toll-free phone number, dial 800-555-1212.
Area code for most of the Orange County area is either 714 or 949. Toll-free phone calls have area codes of 800, 866, 877 or 888; however, not all toll-free numbers work outside the U.S.

Local Drinking Laws
The legal drinking age in the US is 21. You will regularly be asked to provide photographic proof of age, carry your passport with you is the best bet. Alcohol may not be served, purchased or consumed in public establishments from 2 – 6am.
As of January 2008 alcohol is no longer permitted on any of the beaches in the San Diego or Orange County areas. There are locals bars and restaurants on the shoreline where you can drink – just don’t take anything onto the beach area.
Also several of the local boardwalk and parks are alcohol free zones – if in doubt check for signs and / or ask lifeguards or police.

Smoking Laws
You must be at least 18 years of age to purchase or use tobacco products. Throughout California, smoking is prohibited in most public buildings, all restaurants and many beach areas.

Convention visitors
Remove badges when leaving the convention area.
Create a buddy system with someone and check up on each other every so often.
When out at night, use lighted sidewalks (pavements) and don’t travel alone if possible.
Downtown San Diego businesses have initiated a successful Clean and Safe program with
trained ambassadors to assist visitors. They are visible in khaki and blue baseball hats and
white logo shirts. Identification cards are visible.

Staff Tipping
Although tipping is voluntary, restaurant and bar staff are customarily given a gratuity of 15- 20% of the bill.
Taxi drivers are tipped 15% of the fare.
Bellhops receive $1-2 per bag to carry luggage to your room or $5 per person.
Hotel door attendants, valet parking and other service personel $3
Housekeeping staff $2 per room/daily
Airport skycaps are tipped 50 cents per bag or generally a $1/ 2 minimum.
Please note that unlike the UK it is generally ‘expected’ in the US that you will tip staff. This is generally a good idea if you are going to be in the same area for a few days and trust me you will notice the difference in service. In some cases (bars etc) the actual staff wages are a bit on the low side as it is expected that customers will tip thereby making up a larger part of
the staffs actual take-home wage.

Driving Regulations
Valid driver’s license and liability insurance are required.
Traffic flows on the right (with driver closest to the center median).
Child seats are required for children weighing less than 60 pounds and are available with car rentals.
Most car rental establishments require drivers to be at least 25 years old.

Vehicle Security

Regardless of driving a personal or a rental vehicle, make sure any item left behind in the vehicle is locked in the trunk and not left on the seats or on the floor. Out of sight means there will be a good chance it will still be there when you return.

Sales Tax
In the US sales tax is added to items at the checkouts and is NOT listed in general on the items on display, its worth remembering this when working out how much you want to spend.
Orange County sales tax is 7.75%

Cash Machine / ATM
There is a Bank of America ( MBNA to those of us in the UK ) on Harbor south of the Convention Centre. The 7-11 most likely will have one as well and some of the hotels. Please note that it is standard practice in the US to be charged per withdrawl so be prepared for this on top of your usual charges.


  • Yoshina (6 years)

    Thank you very much for the great info

    how much should i plan on spending at blizzcon
    am thinking around 250 dollers would that be about right?

    • admin (6 years)

      this depends on how long you are there for and how much you think you might spend in the blizzcon store or jinx store at the event

      I’ll (hopefully) do an article sometime soon with average costs for food etc in the places near the convention centre – tho if you check the links in my General tips
      section to the posts on the US wow forums they do have some ideas in there

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